Putting the ease in easi

Have you ever wondered why our top selling bovine ultrasound is called Easi-Scan? Probably not, because we coined the ultrasound the same way we designed it. To be simple and intuitive.  Our engineers had three top deliverables when designing an ultrasound for the farm: simplicity, durability, and quality. And boy, did they deliver.

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Since the launch of the first Easi-Scan in 2001, our team has worked diligently to continually improve their design. With feedback from customers around the world, along with ingenuity and innovation, they created the word's first wireless ultrasound, the Easi-Scan:Go. Seamlessly linking the Veterinarian and the farm with the ability to share the ultrasound image and video with a click of a button.

In celebration of our team's ingenuity, and just in time for fall herd checks, we're launching an exclusive special. Learn all about it, here.


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