New: Bovine ultrasound reproduction clinical booklet

This clinical booklet has been specifically designed as a reference guide for the reproductive tract of the cow, providing key clinical commentary and scanning images to show various stages of the fertility and reproductive processes.

Bovine Reproduction

The booklet was originally written by Kimberly Palgrave, BS BVM&S RCVS and reworked by Sam Mauchlen, BVM&S MRCVS. It aims to help the user to understand the key value in using the ultrasound for herd fertility management.

This booklet provides essential information which will be useful to all our farm animal customers. The correct evaluation of the bovine reproductive tract is an essential aspect of both beef and dairy herd management and this booklet can aid the scanner in deciding or reaffirm their interpretation of the image.

All ultrasound images were taken with the Easi-Scan:Go

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